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Condensate Pumps

Extraction of condensate in the vacuum condenser must be performed using condensate pumps. A hotwell is provided in the condenser for condensate storage. Condensate Recovery Systems typically include instrumentation and level controls to maintain proper condenser hotwell level and condensate forwarding.

  • Furnished with Primary and Standby pumps for condensate forwarding including control valves, motor starters, instrumentation, and automatic controls.
  • Equipment can be mounted on the main condenser skid or a separate skid - piped, wired, tested and ready for installation
  • Pumping system is specially designed for the condenser vacuum effect on the available NPSH for the pumps.
  • Complete with associated piping, check valves, pressure gauge, and isolation valves for each pump inlet and outlet.
  • Designed to permit maintenance on one pump while the second pump is in operation.
  • Standard Pumps or per ANSI, ISO, or API : vertical or horizontal pumps available